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Archiving Is Essential

Unified Archiving

What does archiving mean?  For most people archiving just means that they have to meet compliance.  Sure compliance is an important part in the archiving story.  For many organisations maybe the #1 reason why they look at archiving.  But archiving offers so many additional benefits that most people don not immediately realise.

Archiving brings so many additional advantages it made us see that everybody should use an archiving solution.  You will increase your email server performance, lower storage costs, enable email restoration, improve your mail management, backup your data and of course you will ensure compliance and reduce legal costs.

Archiving is Easy

Archiving is complicated? No way!  With the right tools and expertise, an archive can be easy to setup and use.  How Retain makes archiving simple and easy: Retain provides multi-platform unified message archiving, eDiscovery and publishing for organizations looking to reduce costs, manage complexity and mitigate risk on-premise or in the cloud.

Archive your email, mobile and social messaging in one unified location. Retain enables you to seamlessly archive a single- or mixed-messaging platform environment in one central location.  All messages are securely stored in a single, unified Retain data archive and can be easily accessed through the Retain web access archive viewer.

Start Now. We Care!

You are looking at an archiving solution?  Talk to us and to our archiving experts.  Our solutions enable organisations to meet compliance and regulation needs, prevent against data loss, reduce storage costs and secure and protect their communication.  We provide first-class support and consulting services to satisfy customers across all industries and sizes.

Everyone needs an archiving solution.  Our team believes in this principle and does its best to make the benefits of GWAVA solutions available to organisations, IT administrators and users.  We care about your emails, mobile and social media messaging.  That is why we call it Unified Archiving. Talk to our experts today and learn more about the benefits of archiving in your organisation.